So you want to be a guidance counsellor….
Congratulations on your decision to investigate one of the best careers in education.
The road to becoming a guidance counsellor is easy to follow, and we can help you find the right path for you.

  1. Step One
    Graduate from university with  a three or four year degree. In order to teach at the secondary school level you will need to have a focus on two academic areas so that you have two teachable subjects.
  2. Step Two
    In order to be a school counsellor, you need to have your teacher qualifications. Graduate from any of the University Faculties of Education and become a certified teacher.
  3. Step Three
    Apply to teaching positions, including supply teaching and/or volunteering.
  4. Step Four
    Enroll in the Additional Qualification Course – Guidance and Career Education Part One, available through any one of the many acceptable institutions, listed by the Ontario College of Teachers. OSCA is also an accredited provider, offering many advantages to completing your work through OSCA. With your qualifications in Part One, your principal may add guidance periods and/ or responsibilities to your school timetable. Parts Two and the Specialist Additional Qualification courses, further enhance your understanding of Guidance and Career Education and may qualify you to become a secondary school department lead.

Also, consider becoming a member of OSCA, your professional subject association, supporting guidance counsellors and guidance education across Ontario.


If you would like to work in a school, you must be a certified teacher. If you have advanced degrees in counselling some school boards do hire social workers, Child and Youth Workers to work in the schools or board offices. Check board websites to see if they hire for these roles.

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