Dear members/chers membres,

(*French message below.) Guidance counsellors throughout the province are searching for effective practices to facilitate the implementation of the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP), formerly known as the Annual Education Plan (AEP), starting in grade 7.  We are also trying to collect effective practices that support the 40 hours of community involvement.  If your school has such a practice to share, we'd love to hear from you.  Here are a few details:


1) IPP:

We would appreciate feedback on:

-What strategies/tools/tracking devices are currently being used to assist students in grades 7 through 12 in establishing, reviewing and revising their IPP at least twice a year?

-What are some of the success stories you can share? (Be specific and, where possible, supply the name of the school and/or board where this is happening)

-What are some of the ongoing challenges which you face which need to be addressed?


2) Community Involvement:

As part of the audit that was conducted by the Auditor General of Ontario of the Student Success Program the following recommendation was made:

“To ensure that student success initiatives increase the number of students who obtain their OSSD and are adequately prepared for college, university, apprenticeship, or the workforce, the Ministry of Education and the province’s school boards should disseminate best practices or guidance for helping students achieve their community involvement hours before graduation.”

-In order to collect effective practices throughout the province, we are asking our members for examples of strategies they have been using in their schools to support students in obtaining their 40 hours of community involvement.


Submissions will be compiled and the resource will be shared with schools and boards in the fall.

Thank you for sharing.  We trust we will all benefit from our collective strategies.  Any strategy/story/practice/question can be sent to or or



*Les conseillers d'orientation de l'Ontario apprécieraient tous être au courant des pratiques les plus efficaces pour la révision du Plan d'itinéraire d'étude (autrefois appelé le Plan annuel de cheminement) à compter de la 7e année. Un partage de pratiques efficaces pour appuyer l'accumulation des 40 heures de service communautaire serait tout aussi apprécié.

Si votre école a une pratique à partager, nous aimerions en entendre parler.  Les stratégies seront partagées avec les conseils scolaires et les écoles.


Vous pouvez communiquer avec moi directement à Merci de votre générosité.





Marie-Josée Pouliotte

President/Présidente, OSCA/ACOSO