Guidance Role Survey

Dear OSCA/ACOSO Community,
Over the years, the Role of the Guidance Teacher-Counsellor and Career Educators has been changing, as the needs of our students change. Earlier in the year, the OSCA/ACOSO Board of Directors decided to conduct a survey to determine the expanding Guidance Teacher-Counsellor role in both responsibilities and school/board programing.
We are partnering with Dr. Sean Lyons at the University of the Guelph, who is assisting with the hosting and analysis of the survey responses. Dr. Sean Lyons was a keynote speaker at OSCA/ACOSO 2017 conference. With this partnership, this survey will give the opportunity to examine the perspectives of Guidance Teacher- Counsellors and Career Educators from all boards and regions in Ontario.
By gathering information related to professional duties, the preparedness of students for post-secondary studies , education, and life changes, recommendations can be made that can support meaningful professional learning for educators, development of new resources, and increased partnerships for student supports.
The findings from this survey will provide actionable insights for both OSCA/ACOSO, as well as the Ministry of Education for the next few years.
Of note, this survey is open to all Guidance Teacher-Counsellors and Career Educators in Ontario, regardless if they are a member of OSCA/ACOSO or not. The survey has four strands, Elementary School Guidance, Secondary School Guidance, Board/Lead Guidance and Other.
When completing the survey, please select the standard that best represents you.
Please feel free to share the link to the survey with your colleagues.
The Board of Directors looks forward to sharing the findings of this survey in the fall, specifically at the the November conference. Please feel free to contact myself at if you have any questions.
Thank-you for taking the survey.
Jennifer Boston
OSCA/ACOSO President