The Russ Seltzer Award for Contribution to Counsellor Education in Ontario



Counsellor Professional Development


On May 8, 1986 the Ontario School Counsellors’ Association lost a most valuable, dedicated, member who during his “retirement” became very involved in counsellor education as a practicum leader in Guidance courses at York University. The Russ Seltzer Award is presented to an OSCA member to honour contribution to Counsellor Education in Ontario, including teaching Additional Qualification courses.


The nominee should meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate must be a member of OSCA.

  • This member must have contributed significantly to the counsellor education of teachers on one or more of the following criteria

    • The member contributed to the planning, development and implementation and/or delivery of counsellor education programs

    • The member prepared materials for counsellor education programs

    • The member provided consistent leadership in counsellor education programs


  • The nominator must be an OSCA member and must complete the online nomination form.

  • The nomination should include a description of the candidate’s significant contribution to counsellor education.