The Morgan D. Parmenter Memorial Award



Contribution to Guidance and Career Education


This award was established by the Ontario School Counsellors’ Association at the annual conference in Hamilton in 1968 to commemorate the great contribution made to Guidance by the late Morgan D. Parmenter.


The Morgan D. Parmenter Memorial Award recognizes a person who has made a most significant contribution to Guidance and Career Education in Ontario.



  • The nominee should meet most of the following:

  • Has been or is a member of OSCA

  • Has provided leadership in Guidance and Career Education at the local, provincial and/or national level

  • Has presented, conducted, organized and/or contributed to workshops, meetings, conferences at local, provincial and/or national levels regarding Guidance and Career Education

  • Has or is conducting research, follow-up studies, and/or surveys regarding Guidance and Career Education

  • Has written articles, reviews and/or reports for the OSCA publications or other professional publications

  • Members of the OSCA Executive and Board of Directors may not be nominated for this award during the time in which they hold office


  • Members of OSCA submit nominations for the award

  • Each nomination submitted must be supported by two OSCA members and MUST be accompanied by full evidence to substantiate the nomination

    • This evidence is to be no longer than two pages in length

  • All data on each candidate, together with a statement of criteria, is circulated to each OSCA Board member who will rank order the candidates

  • Tabulation of results by summation of rank is done by two scrutineers not on the Board of Directors but appointed by the OSCA Board

  • The person attaining the least rank or number is declared the recipient of the award

  • The Board may recommend that, for a given year, no recipient be designated

  • The Board of Directors shall determine the nature and form of the award

  • The award should be presented at an appropriate time during the proceedings of the Annual Conference

  • All Parmenter Award winners will be awarded honorary membership in OSCA