The Marion Axford Award for Elementary Guidance



Elementary Guidance


At the 1992 annual conference, the OSCA Board of Directors first presented the Marion Axford Award.  This award honours the leadership, creativity and dedication of Marion Axford, an OSCA Past-President, to the young people in our province.  The Marion Axford Award is presented to an OSCA member for an outstanding contribution to elementary guidance in Ontario.


The nominee should meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a member of OSCA

  • Has contributed significantly to the development, implementation and/or delivery of elementary Guidance and Career Education programs

  • Has provided outstanding leadership in elementary Guidance and Career Education

  • Has prepared materials for elementary Guidance and Career Education program



  • The nominator must be an OSCA member and must complete the online nomination form.

  • The nomination should include a description of the candidate’s significant contribution to elementary Guidance and Career Education.counsellor education.