Submit a Workshop

Closed - Thank you for your submissions!


OSCA/ACOSO Workshop Submissions:

All workshop submissions will receive an automatic confirmation email acknowledging receipt when you submit the CALL FOR PROPOSAL FORM.

  • With your submission, you are offering to present on any of the three days of the conference
  • Commercial focused providers are encouraged to review the exhibitor options available for conference exposure
  • All workshop submissions will receive an email after May 19th confirming whether or not it was accepted

OSCA/ACOSO reserves the right to make final presentation selections and edit abstracts.

All workshops are presented on a voluntary basis.  There is no renumberation paid by OSCA/ACOSO for workshop presentations or expenses.


OSCA/ACOSO Workshop Information:

  • All workshops will be 1 hour in length
  • A screen, LCD projector and a flip chart are available in each room for free
  • Additional audio-visual needs are available at presenter's expense include hardwire internet and computer speakers
  • Handouts and associated costs are the responsibility of presenters

OSCA/ACOSO would be pleased to post all presentations on our website after the conference with your permission.