Conference Themes

Ready for the Future - Developing a Vision

OSCA/ACOSO 2017 celebrates 53 years of leading the way in Guidance and Career Education in Ontario. In helping students to become architects of their own lives (Creating Pathways to Success, page 10), this year's conference will explore the potential in our students by preparing them to be Future Ready. We are seeking presentation proposals that will focus on the following sub-themes in order to provide our members with the highest quality professional development.


Future Trends

The landscape of the workplace is changing rapidly.  Future Ready students will need strong leadership and social understanding to be competitive to meet the expectations of this new environment.  Share how you are engaging students in their future pathways with knowledge of labour market information, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.  


Know Your Learner

Ontario students come to us from diverse backgrounds and with a complex set of experiences. New Canadians, First Nations, LGBTQ2, and students with Special Education and Mental Health needs will be the focus of these workshops designed to assist counsellors in understanding today’s learner.


Curriculum Connections

School boards, Guidance personnel, Student Success and Special Education teachers are working together to create pathways with students.  Present your best practices and tools for the implementation of Creating Pathways to Success. How are you making portfolio development with All About Me and Individual Pathways Plans (IPP) meaningful for students, parents and schools? Share your new ideas that promote Community Connected Experiential Learning (CCEL) and discuss what works best in your Career Education programs.  


Career Sectors and Pathways

A series focused on addressing the recommendations of the Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel. We are seeking contributions from a variety of career sectors to participate in panel information sessions focused on career outlook, employability skills, and the diversity of career options in all pathways (apprenticeship, college, university, and workplace).   


Technology in Career Education

Every day new, exciting technological tools are developed to assist and enhance learning for students and school counsellors. Guide us through your practice of leveraging the power of social media and other technology tools in Guidance and Career Education. 


Trends in Counselling

A series for all guidance counsellors: ethical issues in guidance, counselling techniques, the role of the guidance counsellor, partnerships within the school and community, counselling notes, and accessing resources and referrals for in-risk students.


Other Shared Best or Promising Practices

In addition to the above conference theme-threads, we also encourage submissions about career planning and other innovative programs that you may wish to share with our members.